Tom Tailor opened a new store in Pärnu

Tom Tailor opened a new store in Pärnu

28. April 2018

On Friday, April 27, Tom Tailor's store was opened in Pärnu with the latest concept.


Tom Tailor is a lifestyle brand that offers new fashion trends and high quality fashionwear for both men and women at an average price. Tom Tailor's products have the greatest emphasis on comfortable and stylish leisure collections, of which jeans are only part of the whole. Men's, women's and children's attire, as well as garments, are represented. Tom Tailor was founded in 1962 in Hamburg, Germany, and currently operates in 35 countries.

Tom Tailor is characterized by three lifestyle words that reflect the spirit and the essence of the brand through three complementary sub-collections: URBAN, FASHION, GEAR.

The largest collection of items is URBAN - AUTHENTIC WEAR, which is casual, sporty, natural and authentic. Urban is best characterized by the Tom Tailor brand, a leisure time mode for everyday life, and is the largest part in the whole collection.


GEAR or AMERICAN COLLEGE SPORT - is designed for leisure wearing sportswear. The collection is fresh and colorful and has details of American college-style collections. This is the smallest part of the collection during the season.


FASHION or CONTEMPORARY STYLE is a self-confident, trendy, elegant and stylish part with a smaller selection of colors but more emphasis put on fashion and quality.


Tom Tailor's store is located in Port Artur II Shopping Center





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